Environmental Awareness Services and Costs


The Environmental Awareness team are here to provide you with all the information you need to play your role in combating the impending environmental disaster, and we offer this at no charge.

We should be environmentally aware in everything we do. Whether it is using vehicles less, taking care to use environmentally friendly products, installing a more eco efficient roof, or making sure we recycle every single thing that we can. Every item we send to landfill was made from a natural resource, and more natural resources will have to be used to make another one.

Check what can be recycled - there are even plasterboard recycling companies out there which will collect your sheets of gypsum for you if you are working on your house - don't just assume that most things have to go into the skip.


Today’s companies are influenced by global factors such as, climate change, resource depletion and security of supply. This impact has become a major challenge to the global economy and is driving changes in both commercial and governmental policies.

Due to this, the strategy we use over the coming years is to focus on becoming the leading international developer and operator of sustainable solutions in renewable energy and recycling-led waste management.

Whatever your waste requirements our aim is to maximise and optimise your waste operations, whilst ensuring you stay legally compliant.

Recycle your glass bottles and jars

Recycle your metal cans and tins

Recycle your old laptop

Reuse and recycle your plastic bottles

Recycle your waste paper

Recycle your furniture and large goods

Make best use of your council's household recycling scheme

Buy recycled products

Refill or recycle your empty printer ink cartridges

Recycle or compost your waste cardboard

Recycle your household waste at your local recycling banks

Reuse or recycle your waste paper in the workplace

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